landbank doors open at 8am (3)

…. The Landbank  parking lot is still fairly empty on February 15, 2016 at 7:55 am. I am surprised, it is the morning after the dollar home newspress was released.

Two men are waiting by the locked doors. The older guy is savvy-looking and in a wheel chair, the other dressed in work clothes with a tool belt on his  waist. They are laughing like old friends.  I feel like an outsider as the tool belt guy flips through a stack of worn papers. They are talking about specific houses on the list.

I panic for a second, what list of dollar homes and why didn’t I see it?

I ask if they are business partners. They laugh and imply they are competitive regular buyers from Landbank. A security guard unlocks the door to the lobby  and we sign in at the clip board on his desk. I am third and I am being sized up, not as a woman, but as a competitor. On the elevator ride to the second floor, Tool Belt Guy offers me his card, saying he will be available for hire on my house if I get one.

My father has flipped homes. I managed property and owned my own business before retiring from U.S. inner city and Native American Christian non-denominational mission work. Taking his card, I go silent.

The elevator opens to the second floor and I follow them down the hall before quietly slipping into the ladies room. A sign indicating it is reserved for Landbank customers only tells me this is a place with rules that will be followed. It is clean and quiet. I need to separate myself from the experience and gain composure.

Both toilets have their lids up with cleaning solution in the bowls. Something about the freshness of the building, the morning, the sign in sheet, and the untouched restroom comforts me. I am ready.

…. To be continued….


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