Primrose Avenue (5)

…. The temperature is 51F, a little windy and overcast. A  gentle February compared to where I’d come from. I don’t miss the snow at all.

I lock my car doors before looking at the Landbank dollar home list.  One of the three circled addresses is on the street with a quaint old-fashioned sounding name, the other two houses are on numbered streets.

I let my mind go to the street with a name. It is in an older neighborhood, and if I understand the era’s tradition, a man named the street after a female he loved. Daughter, mother, sister, wife?  The other houses are already becoming undesirable in comparison.

Note: For the sake of privacy, I will not officially release the actual name of the street.

So, I sit in the shade of a cafe patio. I am walking between February and today,  June 6. It is sunny, I must return to that morning, and give the street a make-up name. In my first blog, I mention that I intended to share the experience. I knew I had to find a name for the street, but it is today that I decide the pseudonym.

I start praying and remember a beautiful lady I knew as a child. We attended the same church and she never dated or married.  She was in her early 20’s when her older parents died, had no brothers or sisters, and never had children. She died in her 40’s, still as gentle, soft-spoken, and lovely as when I first met her.  I would guess no man named a street after her. So, for your reading pleasure and my delight, I name the street Primrose.

My phone shows the ariel view of Primrose Avenue as a two way street with wide lanes lined with old trees. There are many empty lots, an indication that homes exist only in photographs, memory, and paperwork. An outdated realtor listing shows the Primrose house was built in 1912. The stock photo doesn’t reveal much. A large poplar tree blocks the view of everything except the stone pillars supporting the porch structure painted the same brick color of the house. The realtor’s listed value from 2015 is $23,000 with a basement. The house was condemned and acquired by  Landbank in 2015.

Because my family, both natural and spiritual are involved in the dollar home purchase process (which will involve renovation and many other lifestyle-changing detailed decisions), I decide to look at all three houses the Landbank agent circled.

I enlarge the photo on my phone of the brick colored house hiding behind the poplar tree on Primrose Avenue.  The clouds are not budging, there is no special ray of sunlight shining down on my thoughts.

The coffee from my  Godfamily’s kitchen is hot and it’s steam rising from the thermos feels good on my nose. I start my car and turn on the heat. The engine is still warm and my first house to look at is only 12 minutes away.

…. To be continued….






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