whose reality (8)

…. My gas tank is more than half full and there’s enough cash budgeted to buy breakfast at a local coffee shop. These minor comforts bring a cushion to my mindset while reviewing the Landbank dollar home application.

There is a page requesting me to provide estimated costs of home renovation, a section giving Landbank permission to investigate the applicant’s background, a section of disqualification (no foreclosed/condemned homes, no arrest for prostitution/drug dealing, etc..), lots of questions regarding the purchaser’s intent for the house, and a page requesting proof of a guarantor’s or applicant’s personal cash assets of $8,500 or more.

The patriarch of my local Godfamily is a building contractor and so are many of his friends. As a professional house painter, he had been the first to share Landbank dollar homes news to me and encouraged me to apply. If I was awarded a house from Landbank he had pledged to paint my house. The matriarch of the family, a prayer warrior and incredible engineer, was praying in agreement with her husband for me.

I had spent all my resources dealing with a health crisis that had forced my early retirement from Christian Missions. Even though I had done international missions work, my heart was and continues to be knitted to the U.S. with a passion for inner city and Native America, specifically the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

My goal in getting a house in Kansas City was born from the need to:

  1. have a home base for myself to rest between short term mission trips
  2. supply a place for my Christian mission field friends to stay when they came to town
  3. create a refuge for those I met on the mission field who had need of spiritual retreat
  4. make short term housing available to those building financial support while entering ministry
  5. provide overnight shelter to those referenced by friends that are in town for conference or in crisis

Pretty simple motivation that included being tired of renting, moving, couch camping, and being ready to set roots in a town I had come to love. I had  moved to Kansas City in October 2015, gone back to my home state and former residence since relocating, and was sure this was the place to finish my days, however long that would be.

I knew worrying about how to raise finances was not the route to take, if God is in it, He will provide however He sees fit. My bagel tastes good, my coffee is strong. I look around and see faces from all nations, listen to voices speaking words in languages I do not understand. This is where I want to be.

…. To be continued….



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