the waiting game (18)

…. By late March, my appearance and health had improved enough for me to take a job. The restaurant that hired me was  known for low tips and rough clients. It was good place to serve with humility while exercising my body and brain.

Volunteers for the house continued to come forward and I began to leisurely look at dumpster rental prices, having general conversations with building contractors. None of this mattered if I did not receive the $8,500 needed to qualify for my application to come before the Landbank board.  I began to feel pressure coming from “friends” who consistently spoke words contrary to the spiritual direction of me being blessed. I reminded myself that unless The Lord builds a house, those who labor over it labor in vain. I had not been able to purchase land in my last three mission locations.  Instead I was digging deep into my faith like a man who dug deep for the foundation of his house. Being built on a firm foundation, no flood or torrent could shake my well-built faith for the well-built house.

The Lord kept using my God-family’s sphere of influence to bring new connections on board. I was daily greeted with wonderful news that a professional plumber, electrician, house painter, carpenters, minor financial partnerships, and prayer groups were taking up the cause of helping me. Besides the $8,500, the only missing elements would be dry-wallers, a roofing team, and some building materials.

From February 14th to April 1st, I flowed and ebbed between faith and doubt. Coming home nightly to Paul and Deborah’s place was comforting. I needed something consistent.

In her extreme kindness, whenever my thoughts became negative, Deborah would remind me that God either had a plan for me through Landbank or somewhere else. “If that door closes, there is another that will open… If that is not your house, God has something better… God’s timing is perfect… He is good and He has good plans for you… Trust Him with everything… You must put that house in His Hands… Every good and perfect gift comes from The Father…”

Deborah and Paul were both former missionaries and parents of a daughter who was an active overseas missionary. They had been responsible for their own fundraising and had learned to count on The Lord for all their needs.

Patiently they listened to me drone on and on about the house and patiently they believed with me for the monies. I continued to take people to the house to pray, continued to drive past the house, and continued to believe for the house to be mine.

The original application for the house got lost or thrown out. Looking at it only reminded me of what I did not have, the $8,500 needed for the house. I stopped thinking about it as city-owned Landbank property. In my mind, God had already given it to me and I had already planned the menu for the first party.

…. To be continued….



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